Questions? Call us. 781.481.1234

Questions? Call us. 781.481.1234

Direct and EDDM Mail

Reach Every Business and Residence In Your Town

What if you could cut out the mailing list and reduce the postage costs? EDDM delivers your mailpiece to every business and residence in your town for a flat postage rate of 16 cents per-piece, no mailing list needed. Choose a town or radius around the address you would like to target and we'll do the rest. Please select a product below to request an estimate for your EDDM Mailing.

What is EDDM, and why should you use it?

-No Need for a Mailing List

-Every Door Direct Mail will save you the cost of purchasing a mailing list as well as the time and cost of processing the list and addressing the mail pieces.

-Larger Mail Pieces are More Effective

-Pieces that mail out with Every Door Direct Mail will require a minimum size of 6.25" x 9" and can have a maximum size of up to 12" x 15". Larger mail pieces will be more effective at grabbing attention and also will have more space for your message.

-No Mailing Permit is Required

-There is no need to purchase or use a postal permit for retail Every Door Direct Mail. The EDDM mail pieces will require an indicia specific for EDDM to be printed on the mail piece.

-Low Postage Cost of 16 Cents per Piece

-The postage for EDDM can be as low as 16 cents if it is dropped at the post office of the mailing zip code.

-There are additional costs and regulations for drop off at a BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) facility.

-It is Easy to Do

-For mailings under 5000, Every Door Direct Mail can be dropped off at the post office front desk. We will prepare the paperwork and bundle the mail pieces. All you have to do is drop them off at the post office with your postage payment.

Every Door Direct Mail Resources:

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