Questions? Call us. 781.481.1234

Questions? Call us. 781.481.1234

Restaurant Menus

Your clientele is hungry for a great looking menu

1, 2 or Full Color Takeout Menus are simple, elegant and cost effective.

Choose from a number of standard sizes, or request a custom quote for any other size.

Choose from an array of paper weights, coatings and colors.

Menu pricing includes the folding of your menus. Choose between a half or tri-fold, with or without a coupon panel, or quad fold. Other folding styles are available on request.

If you do not have a menu ready to upload, we offer design and prepress services. Work closely with our designer to craft the perfect custom menu with the pictures, items and information of your choosing. Contact us to learn more.

Sterling Printing can help you utilize your logos, fonts, images to create your restaurant identity and bring its marketing to the next level. A well designed and printed menu can make a big difference in the success of your restaurant or food service company. Versatile menus are perfect for countertop displays, take out menus, as well as Direct Mailers.

Direct mail pricing is available in this product. Have your menus delivered to an area of your choosing, targeting the people YOU want to reach!

Menu Jackets

-Choose from a variety of sizes, styles, binding materials, and panel counts.
-Non-glare vinyl panels for outdoor searing and areas with bright light.
-Top loading menu jackets to prevent spills on your menu inserts.
-Multiple page and specialty sized menu jackets are available.
-Flip out panels and additional sew in pockets for extensive menus.
-Reinforced vinyl binding with double stitched edges.
-Turned edged prevent food and debris from becoming lodged underneath and also prevents fraying.
-Crystal clear, ten gauge, quality vinyl panels.

Takeout Menu Idea Starters

Fully customizable menu templates! Choose a template and we'll use it as the start of your menu creation to be customized by you or us.

We have a large selection of different menu templates for you to choose from to fit any style preference. These templates can be completely altered with your own pictures, logo, information and style preference. Remember, our team of professional designers are here to customize your menu to fit whatever look you are going for.

If you would rather determine things over e-mail, please contact us. We can also handle your direct mailing, for when you want to disperse your menus throughout town. Another resource you may be interested in is complete and custom design done by us.

As a restaurant owner, you know that having the right menu to fit your business is essential. As a commercial printer with years of experience creating menus for all kinds of eateries, we at Sterling Printing know this and pay close attention to detail to get you the best possible product for your restaurant - while also providing superior service. We will work with you from A to Z to make sure that you get exactly what you're looking for.

So how does it work? We first start with concept - which can be determined at first by filling out the form to the right. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want yet - this is just a simple starting point that will grow as we work back and forth, exchanging information until finally we get you exactly what you need. Once this form is filled out, we will contact you through either phone or e-mail and go over things in-depth. You may have everything set up, or you may need help with designing your menu. We do that too. We will find a style to fit any design preference.

We also have a takeout menu section, filled with useful templates. Another thing you may be interested in is our direct mailing services, to send your takeout menus to potential customers around your area.

Menu Printing Specs

We offer several different types of paper. Choose from thick cover stock, or thinner text stock. Both of these are offered as glossy, matte or uncoated, depending on your preference. We will use this as a base to determine the exact type of paper you need.

We offer 1, 2 and Full color printing.

Half, tri, or quad-fold style takeout menus (with or without a coupon panel), booklet style in-store menus, or slip-style menus to slide into menu jackets (which we also offer).

Menu Jacket Printing

You may want to have your menu printed on paper, and then slipped into a heavy-duty, binder-styled menu jacket. We offer the production of these jackets in many different styles, colors and materials such as vinyl, metallic and woodgrain. Your menu printing options are limitless at Sterling Printing.